The Senior Experience


The Pre-Consultation

What is this? It is mandatory? 

The pre-consultation is basically a hangout session, could be at a café, on the couch via skype, whatever works.  We'll talk about your style, must have locations or just studio time, what to wear, what to bring, your likes and dislikes.  This would be a great time to answer any questions you have for me too and make sure there's no confusion about products, pricing, or etc.,

Kayla Ryan Photography Georgia--2.jpg

Proofing & Ordering

This is the appointment you get to see all the photos from your photo session.  You'll get to choose which you want to download and your parents get to choose which will go on the wall. 


The Photo Shoot

This is the best part.  This is where all the planning from the pre-consult come into place to create a fun evening and photos to prove it.


Need Some Outfit Inspiration?

Follow my What To Wear board on Pinterest.

What's so FUN about getting your picture taken?

Nothing you read will "tell" you how fun it is. Check out the portfolio to see for your self.

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