Beth & Trent | Cloudland Canyon State Park, GA

We got lucky this day!

On our drive to Cloudland Canyon, we ran into some hellacious rain! The forecast showed rain for 7:00pm, the photo shoot was set for 6:30pm. Pushing it I know! It rained so hard I was starting to worry as we drove. Once we arrived, the clouds we're mean looking! I brought my daughter with me because she's never been to Cloudland Canyon (well, neither have I being a WV native). She pointed out the rain, we literally watched a rain cloud blow right by us with rain falling out of it. That was one of the most interesting sights I have ever seen!

So we got lucky! The rain blew right by us. We never even got wet!

After staring in awe we continued on with our photo shoot and this is what we came home with! Hope you enjoy. Scroll down to see the video from their photo session.

Thank you for viewing!

Kayla Ryan Photography

Rome, GA

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