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Updated: Aug 20, 2019

If you've ever had a kid in sports, you know how time consuming it is. Sorry I've been a little MIA, even though I'm awful about keeping up with blogging. Good thing I don't get paid to write! HAHA I'd definitely be a starving artist then!

Rockmart, Georgia

My daughter has played rec ball since she was 5 and this year makes her 3rd year playing travel ball. In West Virginia you can play travel ball in 8u, but you really have to travel far from home to find other teams to play. This year we've moved to Georgia and are playing with the best little team!

Let me introduce to you the 2019 Lady Legends...

Even though, we miss our WV Elite family, these girls and their parents are becoming our new softball family! They have been the best and I'm glad this is the team we found!

Even though they didn't win this past tournament, it was a great experience for them to learn playing with each other and gave them something to work even harder for. They came in 3rd their first tournament playing with teams in a higher ranking and 2nd in their second tournament. I can't wait to see how they do this coming weekend!

Thanks for checking out these awesome ball players! To catch a tournament, check the schedule at

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