Nightmare Photoshoot

Behind the scenes | W 1st Street Rome, GA

This photoshoot was a nightmare! Yes, you heard me right. (Let me say this was not a paid client shoot before you start thinking I'm crazy for telling the story!)

I started out not being able to find a place to park, taking wrong turns because I'm new to the town of Rome and don't know my way around that well. Circled around the whole town because I decided to go home, since we've been out all day touring the Capitol in Atlanta. Changed my mind, drove back downtown to the parking garage I saw as I made the wrong turn the first time. Parked, grabbed my gear, kids, and walked down the street. Ok, going good. I got everything set up, made sure the lighting right and my little Miss had to go to the bathroom! Are you kidding me! No bathrooms around, couldn't hold it, photos looked like she was going to murder someone. Fine, we're done. So we tear down, load everything back up into the truck, and start driving towards home. Then I see a convenience store... Ok, might have changed my mind again. Happy they had a bathroom and a diet Coke because I've only been wanting to go downtown and take some photos since we moved.

So I drive back to the parking garage, unload again, walk down the street again, set up, test lighting everything again... and what do ya know.. IT'S SPRINKELING! Well I'll be!!!

Irritated to the max, I tell my daughter to go stand under my softbox and she actually does what I say this time. She can tell I'm not to be tested at this point.

And this is what we came home with.

Kayla Ryan Photography

It only sprinkled a little. I got a few photos I wanted. They're not quite what I had in mind, but at this point I'm just happy with what I got. I've had some ideas in my mind since driving through town, didn't quite make it to the location I originally wanted but hey, you take what you can get when all odds are against you lol!

A quick behind the scenes shot of my little helper.

Feel free to share your nightmare photo shoot stories in the comments!

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