KRP Has Moved

We Moved!!

I'm not quite sure everyone one know because I can be a little antisocial on social media lol but my family and I moved to Rome, Georgia this past January!

Exciting I know!

Why am I telling you this?

Because I'm getting a lot of requests for photoshoot in West Virginia and I wanted to let you guys know I am totally down for booking a photoshoot with you! BUT It'll have to be on certain dates.

I am planning a trip and some spring mini sessions in April. It's going to be really cute! I'm planning a mini session one day only event with Griffith Produce and all their beautiful flowers and hanging baskets. You'll even get to take one home that day!

And also because I wanted to invite you to join my Facebook VIP group. I won't spam you or post useless stuff all the time haha! Just notify you guys when I'm planning mini sessions in WV and any trips I might be making if you're looking to book a family session, senior session, etc.

OR if e-mail is your thing, please feel free to add yourself to my email list where I will also be sending out info about any upcoming WV photoshoots. Again, no spam, no useless crap in your inbox! Just enter your name, email address and be sure to include your from WV so I don't send you anything I'm planning here in Georgia.

If you're interested in learning about our new location got to

It's such an interesting town, full of art and beautiful landscapes for future photoshoots! lol

Thank you! Stay in touch!

- Kayla


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