Outdoor Christmas Minis

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

I'm excited to show these outdoor Christmas Minis! These have been in the works since August! Everything was set in motion then I found that I couldn't use the location I wanted, my tree was missing, and then on the day we shot these I left the base of the tree at home, no power for my lights! Good thing I like a challenge, because it's irritating when nothing planned goes right! I wish I would have shot a pullback, I had to use the outlet in my truck the whole time with no space to move around.

Anyway, here's what you came here for...

For anyone interested in these Outdoor Christmas Minis, you can find info here: https://minis.kaylaryanphotography.com/product/outdoor-christmas-minis

These are so cute, but a lot of work so they'll only be offered for one day only!

November 10th, 2018. 10 appointments and then they're gone!

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