Frequently asked questions

How much does a photo shoot cost?

Photo sessions are different rates for different types of sessions. Sessions are $100 and up. Some do come with images and some do not. Please click on pricing to see which session is best for you. All prints, albums, wall portraits, etc, are sold seperatly so you get to customize your own package and only get what you actually want. Shoot me a quick email and I will send over complete pricing for you to look over.

I'm super busy, do you do weekend or evening photo shoots?

Yes! I know some seniors have practice, parents are busty, etc,. Just contact me to check on weekend avaliability.

Do you give out or sell the RAW photos?

Can I ask why you wwould want them? I'm sorry, but I typically do not give out RAW or unedited images from a portrait session. Nor do I allow someone else to edit my photos. When you pay for a photo session and the digital images, you will receive a final product, not a half finished product. For example; a bakery would not sell you ingredients to make your own cake. However, if you have a good reason as to why you need a photo only service and no editing I am open to negotiations. For other photographers, definitly send me a message! You are someone I would consider giving raw images to.

Do I get all the photos (digital images) with my photo shoot?

The photo session fee is just for the photo session unless otherwise stated, but there's options to get them all if you want them all!

Can I have more than one outfit?

Yes, please! I do not put a limit on outfits, besides nobody wants to see 50 photos of themselves in the same outfit!

What about images to post on facebook, instagram, etc?

There's a few different digital image offers. You can do whatever you want with them, post one, two, or them all, it's up to you! They'll be delivered to you by USB or digital download, your choice!

Where do you take pictures?

Where ever you want! Do you like a country or nature look? Or does a cute downtown or city scape fit you better? I'm located in the Smithville/Lawford area, but I'm open to your ideas! Is there somewhere you've always wanted to have photos taken?

How long does a photoshoot last?

I do not have a time limit on photoshoots. In general you can expect 45 minutes to an hour and a half. If you have fussy children, could take longer and I would NEVER say, "OK! Times up!" during a photo shoot when we haven't got the best images yet! I do, however, put time limits on MINI SESSIONS and have to abide by those times because there will be sessions back to back. I do suggest families who know their kids do not like to have their photo taken to book the last session or the first and come early.