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I'm Kayla; mom, wife, photographer,  and lover of all things DIY and creative.

My love for photography came from my grandmother, my Dad’s mom.  She was always taking pictures, breaking out that huge video camera that housed a VHS tape recording our lives.  If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have half the memories of my youth.  I couldn’t remember that Easter we spent out on the mountain hunting Easter eggs, cooking out, having a picnic if it wasn’t for photos. I was 3 I think, but I’ve seen those photos in our family photo album, I’ve heard the stories.  I feel like I remember, but I know it’s only because of seeing the picture, I can imagine how the day went. 

If it wasn’t for an old photo album full of 4x6 photos I wouldn’t remember half the fun memories my family has made.  My only complaint is I wish there were more, more photos of me and my parents.  There are tons of me, but not quite as many of the three of us, I’m an only child.

My photography journey started the day I had my senior portraits taken. I knew then I wanted to be a photographer! Well, it probably started sooner, I was literally the only kid in grade school bringing a camera taking pictures of all my friends. I have always loved drawing, crafts, and anything creative that involved making something with my hands. My husband wanted to kill me when I sanded down cabinets in our new home 5 years ago! They looked awesome when I was finished though!

So I went to school, got an accounting degree, whaa? Yeah, normally artistic people do not like math and numbers... I've always been a little odd. Long story short, my photography business started when my younger cousins absolutely refused to get their senior pictures taken! They agreed to let me do it though.  My first born was also my test subject, to learn new techniques on. She's not a fan of the camera anymore. 10 years, countless senior sessions, weddings, and family sessions later here we are.  I actually work as an accountant by day and photographer at sunset!


My family and I have just recently relocated from WV to the beautiful Rome, Georgia and now back to the wild and wonderful West Virginia. Couldn't stay away I guess. 

I look forward to meeting new clients and hopefully gaining new friends. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me and view my website!


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Kayla Ryan
Christmas 2018
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Christmas 2018
Christmas 2018
Christmas 2018
Glade Springs, WV 2017
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Colony Bay 2018
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